Companies and institutions must keep their people well-fed, healthy, and happy. Believe it or not, food affects the productivity of your employees. For instance, if you have canteen catering services or a Food Pantry foundation ontario, ca within the premises of your office, your staff won’t have to go outside your building and queue at the fast food line. Staff also bond with each other at the dining hall, which strengthens the company culture and teamwork.

As mentioned, food affects the health of your staff. Instead of eating greasy burgers and oily fried chicken, your institutional caterer can feed your employee nutritious food!

But remember, not all institutional catering companies are high-quality. Watch out for these canteen catering services red flags:

RED FLAG #1: Hidden Fees

Reputable institutional and industrial catering services can straightly explain to the client how they come up with the estimated upfront cost of their service. They can present a detailed estimation and are prepared to answer the client’s question. It reflects their honesty and transparency.

However, it is a red flag when they refuse to give a clear breakdown of the estimates and don’t give answers when the clients ask for clarifications. Avoid catering services that are not transparent about their billing.

RED FLAG #2: Poor Communication

Communication is crucial when working with catering and pantry management services. After all, they will feed your staff and guests. You need to communicate your feedback in case the guests do not like the quality of the food served. Or maybe, you need to scale down the food serving for the following month to avoid food waste. Open and constant communication can save you face and money.

It is a red flag when your hired canteen catering services are unreachable in times of need or give you complete radio silence. They don’t return your calls and answer your questions with vague answers. Sometimes, they don’t accept feedback at all.

RED FLAG #3: Untrained Staff

Institutional catering companies train their staff, from preparing the ingredients, cooking them and serving food to cleaning the kitchen after the service to ensure food safety.

Many issues may arise during the service if the people working in the catering are not trained properly. Poor service can also backfire on your reputation if it leaves a negative impression on the guests.

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