Cheese curds are moist pieces of curdled milk that are made during the cheddar making process. Primarily eaten as a snack or used in other recipes, the cheese curd’s rubbery or springy texture means it often gets referred to as ‘squeaky cheese’. Fresh cheese curds squeak against the teeth when bitten, a significant characteristic of cheese curds. Cheese curds taste just like mild cheddar, and they are a uniquely Wisconsin delicacy, though they can now be found worldwide.

Cheese curds have become increasingly popular across the world in recent years, and they are fast becoming a delicacy. Restaurants and bars have become aware of the popularity of cheese curds only within the last couple of years. Some fast-food restaurants serve them as a side dish or as a starter. However, this isn’t the only way cheese curds can be eaten; they can be eaten raw, deep-fried, baked and even added to sandwiches and tacos. It is best to consume cheese curds as fresh as possible, which is why they are generally sold at the manufacturing site.

Deep-fried cheese curds are one of the most delicious cheese curd dishes made famous in Wisconsin and are usually sold at state fairs and festivals. One of the most well-known dishes containing cheese curds is the Canadian delicacy poutine. In this recipe, fresh cheese curds and brown gravy are smothered over French fries. Luckily for us, we can now order the best cheese curds in Australia and enjoy your favourite cheese curd dishes without ever leaving the country.

History of Cheese Curds

It is unknown when cheese curds were created, but legend has it that nomads in the Middle East accidentally made cheese curds when they poured milk into calf stomach bags and carried them in the sun, curdling the milk and making curds. As a consumer product, Cheese curds originated from Wisconsin and are produced as a by-product during the cheese-making process. Wisconsin citizens love their cheese, making deep-fried cheese curds their ideal snack. Among the best cheese curds in the world are Wisconsin cheese curds, which is why Wisconsinites are fond of cheese curds.

Cheese Curds in Australia

Cheese curds are in high demand in Australia because they are a versatile and delicious combination of salty, fatty and squeaky when fresh. However, many wondered why it was initially so hard to find these delightful ingredients within Australia. Buying cheese curds in the US or Canada was easy, but they were banned in Australia for safety reasons, making them difficult to get your hands on. However, they are no longer restricted, which is excellent news for the lovers and makers of cheese.

When it comes to the availability of cheese curds in Australia, most cheeses are made in small family-owned US factories. So they can’t export fresh and squeaky cheese curds in bulk at the local grocery store, another reason behind the difficulty in finding bulk cheese curds in Australia. Other dairies cannot import cheese curds on a large scale because they lack Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) technology. Nevertheless, Pure Dairy can be your one-stop solution to get the best quality cheese curds in Australia. As they have Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) technology to limit the freezing time, you can get cheese curds in bulk from Pure Dairy quickly across Australia.