If you ask me which I prefer between city bars and a beach bar in Singapore, my only answer would be ‘the beach!’ Nothing provides me with the best comfort for glorious and bad days but a peaceful, scenic, unique outdoor bar in Singapore.

Well, who wouldn’t love the pleasing sound waves or the sweet aroma of fresh seafood that combines with the saltiness of the ocean air? And most of all, who wouldn’t love the joy of the calm and refreshing vibe a beach bar in Singapore brings?

Let me tell you why I love the beach bar in Singapore.

4 Reasons Why I Love The Beach Bar At Sentosa, Singapore

1. The Location Is At The Beach

One thing I expect for a beach bar in Singapore is for it to be precisely near or at the beach! Aside from the refreshing drinks and scenic places, I am there to unwind and relieve all negative auras that weigh me.

A great beach bar in Singapore provides you with a great water view. I want to feel the sand between my toes and taste the salt air that keeps crashing on my face. So, if you are going out for a date with someone or yourself, try visiting the Sentosa beach bar.

2. Nostalgic And Soothing Music

Any empty room may be brought to life by live music, but a beach bar, specifically in Singapore, is especially effective in this regard. The best beach bars always have music playing, whether outlaw country, reggae, classic rock, or a fancy sunset ultra-lounge mix! Sometimes, I even disregard my want for silence when the lively yet soothing music hits my ears.

You can never honestly know what you want unless you are there, experiencing it in person. It is another reason why I love the beach bar in Singapore. It gives me a refreshing feeling like everything is always new yet somehow familiar.

3. Fine, Exquisite And Delicious Foods

The food is one great reason I keep returning to the beach bar in Singapore! As a person with a massive heart for delicious foods, the beach bar provides its customers with a great menu! Give in to the best satay chicken plate or a platter of the beach bar’s signature nachos and pizza!

More importantly, take advantage of cocktails’ refined, refreshing taste! It might be standard, but I love getting a piña colada glass! It tastes even better while watching the stars design the blackening skies!

4. A Moment For Myself With A Bit Of Companionship From Strangers

This beach bar in Singapore is my memorable escapade when everything feels so heavy. With all that is going on in my life, I need a place to breathe—feel free and break loose from my caged feelings.

In all honesty, you should tell yourself that vulnerability is okay. Go and enjoy the sunset, or run with the roaring waves. The beach bar in Singapore lets you run free from all your worries, which is an excellent reminder that there’s nothing wrong with choosing yourself.

So, if you want to go off the perimeter and chill, try going to an outdoor bar in Singapore. You can contact Bikini Bar for their great food and services.