Halal means permissible in Arabic and a cuisine stipulated in Islamic texts. Since it is a food and preparation method that is allowable and deemed exceptional, I decided to hire a halal catering firm in Singapore for my wedding. Here are the seven benefits you can also expect from halal-certified caterers.

#1 Exceptional Hygiene & Food Standards

Every wedding catering service provider in Singapore practising halal whom I communicated with is an ideal option. They assure the safety of the food provided at any event. Halal meals are from the appropriate species of animals and require a specific manner of slaughtering. Hence, it decreases the likelihood of contamination in halal meals and keeps it exceedingly minimal.

#2 Healthier Proteins

Every halal catering service in Singapore I spoke and worked with only used healthy protein options such as fish, chicken, and beef. If you compare it to the proteins permitted in halal meal preparation, pork is a fatty meat choice. Since the cholesterol level is considerable, regular eating of red meat may lead to various cardiovascular diseases.

#3 Superior Meat Quality

I felt confident providing my guests with healthy food options by choosing halal. As mentioned above, halal-certified mini buffet providers and other catering services around Singapore only use specific meat from grass-fed animals. Furthermore, halal does not permit the use of preservatives in halal meats.

#4 Considerably Ethical Selection

Working with a halal-certified firm allowed me to take a stand against cruelty while still receiving high-quality mini buffet providers and other catering services around Singapore. Butchers learn halal animal slaughter techniques to guarantee a swift and painless process to cause as little pain and suffering as possible.

#5 Uncontaminated Meat

Working with halal catering services around Singapore instilled a confidence that I am serving my guests with uncontaminated meats. Since halal requires draining the blood from the flesh, it eliminates many contaminants that can be otherwise present. It is another component of halal food preparation that makes it far healthier than other options.

#6 Halal Certification Stands for Unyielding Quality

Another reason I feel confident working with a halal catering service in Singapore is the certification itself. It stands for exceptional food and service quality. Obtaining halal certification is a time-consuming procedure, requiring organisations to satisfy all of the standards. Choosing them ensures that specialists will adhere to the best techniques and standards.

#7 Unexpected Food Diversity

There are foreign foods, vegetarian meals, Peranakan buffets, and even menus designed just for children. Choosing a halal-certified wedding catering service around Singapore provided variety, quality, and an ethical option that everyone will appreciate. I felt confident that every attendee exited my reception with filled, happy tummies.

I felt grateful to Stamford Catering for the exceptional job they did with the food for my events. It is the primary reason I continually work with them for all my catering needs. As a Halal-certified caterer, Stamford Catering has over twenty years of experience. They have produced meals for significant events and offer a diverse menu that is reasonably priced and tailored to both residential and corporate users. Stamford Catering provides the best quality mini buffet and high tea catering services in Singapore.