I drink lots of juice from Singapore, usually to help with weight loss or detoxify and flush out the wastes in my body. I had never tried a kombucha drink from Singapore before since I was used to juice cleansing, but one day I decided to try a kombucha cleanse instead of my typical juice cleanse. Since finishing, I have never excluded it from my diet, even when I’m not trying to detoxify my body. Here’s how kombucha has benefited me and can help you, too.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha tea from Singapore is fermented and made from tea, sugar, and yeast. These ingredients are mixed and set aside for a week for the fermentation process to complete. During that time, acids and bacteria form in the drink. While it’s undoubtedly an acquired taste – it took me a while to get used to, too – many people add other ingredients after the fermentation to change the flavour and turn it into something they can enjoy.

The Benefits of Kombucha

1. Rich in probiotics

Probiotics are probably the first thing one thinks of when one thinks of a kombucha drink from Singapore. That’s because of the fermentation caused by sugar and yeast. The yeast feeds on the sugar and develops, resulting in billions of live probiotics and good bacteria. These probiotics, when consumed, prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria and promote lactic acid bacteria in your gut, which eradicate disease-causing cultures. 

2. Rich in antioxidants

Because tea is one of the primary ingredients, kombucha tea from Singapore becomes infused with the antioxidants found in the tea. More antioxidants in your body are great for your cardiovascular health, preventing heart disease and cancer. Heart disease, unfortunately, runs in my family, so I knew I had to try kombucha when I heard about this fact.

3. Has antibacterial properties

Raw kombucha contains acetic acid, which can eliminate many harmful bacteria and fungi. The tea leaves used in creating the kombucha also have polyphenols, compounds with antimicrobial properties.

How to Drink Kombucha

Firstly, don’t drink your kombucha drink from Singapore all at once. Instead, drink it slowly and monitor how your body reacts. A kombucha cleanse involves drinking just one bottle a day. Try spacing it out throughout the day first, so your body can get used to it. 

Remember only to drink one bottle a day. While the side effects of overconsumption aren’t severe, I once drank two bottles in one day and suffered from a case of a mild stomach ache, bloating, and gas. The best time to drink kombucha tea from Singapore is at noon, alongside your lunch. Try not to drink it at night, either. I once had trouble falling asleep after drinking it at night, and it turns out it has a small amount of caffeine.

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