First started in 2002, the passion for cooking on barbeque grills led this family to become the leading retailers and authorized sellers of high-quality Kamado Joe and Napoleon barbeque grills. They have barbeque grills to meet the needs of every family, whether a small family of 4 or for people who love hosting big parties in their backyards. 

Their Onni Pizza Oven is a must-try for all pizza lovers. It is portable and perfect for backyard parties providing the texture and flavors of authentic wood-fired pizza. They are also expanding their product range and working to bring innovation to the world of barbeques. Their product catalog is not just limited to grills and their accessories, but also includes a wide range of barbeque spice rubs, sauces, and Kamado Joe T-shirts. 

They are continuously working to improve on the existing technologies and trying to fill all the gaps after reviewing the feedback they receive from the customers. “We have redesigned the firebox to allow for better fire expansion while minimizing the risks at the same time. Additionally, we have added an Air light hinge that will make it easier for our customers to open the lid without damaging the ceramic body of the grill,” said the owner of BBQs 2u. 

Combining traditional charcoal cooking with innovation is what makes them proud while introducing their Classic range of grills. The Classic 2 style is a thick-walled ceramic grill that is coated with galvanized steel to improve its life and reduce the requirement of frequent maintenance. It comes with locking wheels to secure the position of the grill while the cooking is in process. 

Customers can utilize the advantage of the Kamado Joe Classic 2 Sale and get many free accessories to save money. This classic grill is also available as a cost-saving bundle with a DoJoe Pizza oven, which can be used to bake amazing pizza in any of the standard Kamado Joe barbeques. 

Kamado Joe Classic 3 Sale marks the selling of the latest grill design that has a smoke chamber inside. It is a SloRoller hyperbolic chamber meant for slow cooking of meats to give those best smoky flavors and perfect textures that cannot be obtained when meats are cooked faster on higher flames. 

Another feature of this grill that they have involved in almost all classic range products is the heat-resistant shell. This shell locks the heat inside the cooking chamber irrespective of external temperature and moisture in the surrounding year. This innovation has made the availability of barbequed food all through the year an easy game.  

Along with this amazing grill system, their customers also get a bundle of freebies when they book their barbeques from their website on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

On BBQs 2u’s Instagram page, they frequently upload information regarding the stock availability of their hot selling products. Their customers and followers can also participate in the giveaways that are updated from time to time on their websites and social media pages. This way they can get a chance to win various T-shirts and other free accessories.