The first thing that you should do if you want to experience a unique Apple Valley restaurants experience is to eat at a distillery restaurant. You will find a variety of drinks here, made right on the site. You can also find ways to incorporate the alcohol into the food. For example, you can get whiskey-glazed ribs or pulled pork with whiskey sauce. But alcohol should not be the main feature of every dish.

Farm-to-table fare

Distillery restaurants are serving farm-to-table fare. They use their own ingredients to create dishes at their restaurants. The food is fresh, seasonal, and sourced from local farmers.

Luxury ingredients

The newest trend in upscale dining is a distillery restaurant whose menus are centered on bold flavors and luxury ingredients. Distilleries are following the model of wineries and employ award-winning chefs to serve farm-to-table fare. Townsend Stillhouse is one example of a restaurant that features luxury ingredients and bold flavors.

Casual eats

Casual eats at distillery restaurants are a great way to get your spirits to fix and learn about the craft of gin and whiskey. The atmosphere at these eateries is relaxed and comfortable, and you can order food from the menu or take it home to enjoy later.

Exquisite Food and Drinks

Distillery restaurants provide you with a comforting ambiance and amazing food and drinks. Such locations can allow you to enjoy the moment with the people you are with. Furthermore, distillery restaurants also help local farmers in promoting and selling their agricultural produce. 

These are only some things you can expect from visiting a distillery restaurant. Comeand visit one today in California! Drink the best liquors and eat feel-good meals at TownsendStillhouse. Call us at (760) 961-8696 or visit our website at for inquiries.