Freezing is a process that is used in a lot of firms and industries related to the food sector so that they can buy raw materials and use them slowly and as per their requirement. However, freezing is effective to the food raw materials only for about 15-20 days. After that, we see small algae and fungi formations taking place from the inside of the food item even if it is continuously kept for freezing.

To stop this from happening, one of the latest freezing technologies called IQF has been introduced. IQF has the majority of important services to be provided to the people and for the same reason, its importance is huge in the food industry.

What is IQF and how does it Work?

The full form of IQF is Individually Quick Frozen and this method is used to provide freezing to vegetables, fruits, and other food items without the formation of ice crystals in them.The unique differentiator in this type of freezing as compared to the others is that this freezing includes providing extremely cold temperatures to the food items at the beginning itself.

It usually happens in other freezers that the freezing temperature increases gradually or may also remain the same for the whole time. This causes the formation of ice crystals in the food cells and the cell wall of those food items starts getting swollen up. This damages the food item from the inside and then nothing can be done from the outside to preserve it. However, in the case of IQF, instant and huge freezing temperatures are provided to the food items at the beginning, and then it is lowered gradually.

Reasons why IQF is Important?

Below is a list of some reasons why IQF is important for the use of huge food industries or even for daily use of small-scale industries or firms:

  • Freezing without Formation of Ice Crystals is 100% possible

With the help of IQF, freezing without the formation of ice crystals from the inside of the food item is 100% possible. This food item stays fresh for a much longer period and does not get decayed or sour when it is required to be used.

  • Keeping Food Items fresh and Eatable for a Longer time

The freshness and the ability of the food items to be eaten remains intact even after constant freezing for a long time.

  • End Product is of Top-notch Quality

Due to the amazing freshness of the raw materials, the end food products are also made of much higher quality.

Every food industry is now considering the IQF services for cooling their raw food materials in the first place and using them for long-term product making or manufacturing.


IQF can provide amazing benefits to the people in the first place and for the same reason, huge industries related to the food sector should involve this method of freezing their raw materials and get more life and better results from it undoubtedly.