The most disheartening situation that can ever happen to a foodie is not having pizza at the dinner table. Pizza is known to everyone, from its place of birth, Italy, to all parts of the globe like China or Australia.

The cheesy, crisp texture of the pizza is the best feeling that you can feel after eating. Your mouth started watering right when you thought of pizza? To what extent have you tasted pizza? Besides Livraison double pizza Montreal, many famous pizza delivery sites offer different pizza styles according to the request of pizza lovers.

Here in this article, you will learn about the different styles of pizza.

The Different Types of Pizza 

Neapolitan Pizza During the 18th century, this pizza was made in Naples, Italy. If you are roaming in the streets of Italy then, you can avail yourself of it from the street vendors. 

Topping used – It is lightweight and offers oregano, basil, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella toppings.

Chicago Pizza

During the 19th century, in the windy towns of Chicago, an immigrant from Italy created this pizza as a substitute for Neapolitan pizza. 

Topping used – The topping of this pizza is done with pepperoni, beef, onion, green pepper, mushroom, and parmesan cheese. The tomato sauce is the main ingredient used under the toppings.

New York-Style Pizza

This is the most popular pizza in America. It is large, with a folding slice and a narrow crust on the outside.

Topping used- the pizza mostly uses tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese and red pepper flakes, garlic powder, oregano, and parmesan cheese.

Greek Pizza

Italian pizza inspired the Greek immigrants who visited the United States. So, with a Greek touch, they created this pizza. 

Toppings used- Tangy sauce, oregano, black olives, mozzarella, feta cheese, and red onion are used as topping pizza, and this adds a Greek flavor to the pizza.

Detroit Pizza

This pizza is similar to the style of Chicago pizza. However, in 1940, this pizza was baked for the first time in an innovative style on the pan of automotive components.

Toppings used – This pizza uses peppers, sauce, mushrooms, olives, and brick cheese.


Suppose you are convinced to taste these five types of pizza, then no need to order from Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Livraison double pizza Montreal delivery. You can easily try this at your home. You never know this will give you the idea of opening a restaurant one day.