As in almost any other city, even in Dublin it is possible to find a district arranged for entertainment and nightlife and which collects typical Irish pubs and restaurants: we are talking about Temple Bar. It is considered one of the most fascinating districts of Dublin, characterized by narrow streets that in the evening are filled with tourists but also with local people. Beyond the very busy nightlife, during the day Temple Bar becomes a place for food or book markets. Let’s focus for a moment on the food factor because it is really worth it: this street is famous not only for hosting numerous Irish pubs, but also for hosting many specialties from all over the world. In particular, there are excellent Italian restaurants, and for this reason in this article we will talk about Italian food in Temple Bar.

Temple Bar in history

Before talking only about food, let’s see how this famous area has transformed over the years. It is assumed that in 1600 the land on which it lies was purchased by Sir William Temple, an English diplomat, from which the district will later take its name. Another version regarding the origin of its name says that since Ireland was a British domain at the time, the district was called Temple Bar in reference to the Temple district of London. In the 1800s the area was populated by small businesses, but the project failed, transforming Temple Bar into a place in full decline. At this point, artists and traders settled in the area in order to repopulate it. Thus we come to the 90s, a period in which the area finally begins to assert itself in its particularity, attracting numerous visitors every day. Nowadays, the area is full of restaurants, cafes, hostels, pubs, but also shops of various kinds, art galleries and cultural centers. Temple Bar during the course of a day goes through various transformations: from a quiet place in the morning to a lively nightlife with streets full of people.

Finding some delicious Italian food in Temple Bar

As we have already mentioned, Temple Bar hostes many foreign restaurants, making it the right place in order to experiment with various cuisines. In particular, we refer to the delicious Italian cuisine. Pizza, pasta, spaghetti, excellent meat, excellent fish and high quality wine. Are you getting hungry now? What makes Italian food extremely appreciated and loved all over the world is the unique flavour of each dish, the high quality of the ingredients and the variety that this cuisine has to offer: each Italian region has its own uniqueness, its own ingredients and flavours, giving the opportunity to taste various local specialties ranging from mountain products such as cheese or game, or seafood such as fish and shellfish. In the Italian restaurants in Temple Bar you will find a wide choice of high-level dishes, with the possibility of combining them with excellent Italian wines or artisan beers. The richness of the choice, the abundance of condiments and the extreme care in the preparations in order to bring out every flavour, is what makes Italian gastronomy so deeply appreciated all over the world.