Summer calls for a chilled and soothing iced brew for all coffee lovers. However, every time you try making one at home, you end up lathing it for its over bitterness, or it becomes too watery. All you need is a few tips that make your cold brew coffee just how your favorite cafe sells it. Moreover, you will be surprised after knowing how easy it is to make the perfect summer drink. 

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Tips to make the best cold brew coffee at home 

  • Ensure your coffee bean powder has a coarse texture

A common mistake is grinding their coffee beans into a fine powder, thinking they will provide a more enhanced flavor. However, if you make a sandy powder out of your coffee beans, you will end up with an over-infused coffee. 

The sandy tincture of the coffee will make it more muddy and gritty when strained resulting in an unpleasant flavor. So while grinding the coffee beans, you must be careful and only grind them until they make a coarse powder that looks similar to cornmeal. If it is slight;y rougher than cornmeal, that will work too. 

  • Try to use filtered water. 

While this step is not convenient for everyone, it is vital. If you want your coffee to have that sweet and enhanced flavor with the perfect aroma, using filter water will help you achieve the ideal taste. 

  • Set in water for a minimum of 12 hours 

If 12 hours is too long or you do not have so much time, you can cut the steeping time a little. However, it must not be too low, as the coffee beans need some time to soak in the water and infuse completely. 

While straining your coffee before time can give you a weaker flavor, soaking it for too long can extract some bitter flavor you were trying to get rid of. So depending on the tastes you want in your coffee, you must descend an average time that is not too less or too much. 

Although most coffees have a standard timing of 15 hours or so, you must check the coffee you are using and steep it according to its requirements. 

  • Use coffee ice cubes to keep your cold brew chilled. 

If you do not want your coffee to get diluted, the best thing is to use a coffee ice cube instead of water. This way, you can ensure that you do not get the watery texture once your ice cubes start melting. 

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