Now more than ever, many people are searching for and eating the healthiest foods they can find. They have become more interested in making sure want that what they eat is raised, grown, or prepared with extreme care for the best possible level of nutrition. The best way to achieve it is to eat “Halal.”

How many times have you seen labels that read ‘Halal’ and found yourself wondering what it really meant?

In its most basic sense, Halal means “permitted” or “lawful” in Arabic and, when it refers to food, it pertains to what Muslims are allowed to eat, what ingredients can be added to their meals, and how animals should be slaughtered to ensure lawful consumption.

Due to the healthier requirements and processes of slaughter, everyone can actually consume Halal food. Thanks to the extra care involved in raising and slaughtering of animals that will be used for the meals of Muslims, even your overall health can enjoy the perks of consuming Halal meat. One more way to achieve healthier eating is by staying away from what God commands you not to eat.

Quick Definitions of Haram and Halal

Under the guidelines of Islam, you are allowed to eat any food aside from those that are considered haram or “forbidden” in the Arab language Haram foods include different types of pork, such as ham, bacon, or other by-products of pork.

It is also important to stay away from all kinds of alcohol, animal blood, blood by-products, and non-Halal animal shortening. Seafood and fish can also be enjoyed except frogs, crocodiles, and alligators. Carnivorous animals, birds of prey, and animals that were already dead before slaughtering are off-limits as well.

If you are planning to adopt a Halal diet, it is important to pay attention to some common recipe ingredients while cooking. Aside from this, food items that are listed as kosher indicate products free from pork and can be consumed. Also, most restaurants will classify foods cooked in wine, beer, or alcohol. If unsure, ask the server or avoid ordering the food.

Why Does Halal Food Matter?

The first and most important reason to consume Halal food is to submit to the commands of God which benefit the consumers because this is an ideal practice. Following the will of God is a way to get closer to Him through accepting His instructions. Aside from this, as your Creator and also the Creator of the entire creation, God knows what is bad and good for you.

Staying away from foods God forbids can keep you protected from harm. Doctors and scientists, for example, have long linked the connection between consumption of alcohol and damage to the human body, not to mention the transformed state of mind that can happen if a person becomes intoxicated.

When it comes to pork’s ill effects, their digestive systems are not almost as complex as those of the Halal animals like cows, which means most of the toxins and unhealthy bacteria from their food are not removed from their bodies during the output and digestion process and remained in their bodies instead.

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